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Lands End to John O'Groats Cycle Tours

Almost from the very beginning of the Cyclists Touring Club in 1878, members cycled from Lands End to John O'Groats and maintained an archive of their routes and other useful information which is is still maintained today ( An LEJoG info pack is available free to club members). After about 1950, when the CTC started to run organised holidays, some of these rides became events run by volunteers on behalf of the club. These originally used Youth Hostels or camped. In the last twenty years the tours have gone gradually upmarket and now we use good quality hotels and inns.

Today we usually run two or three fully supported 20 day Land's End to John O'Groats cycling holidays each year; though this varies and faster 12 day tours are occasionally run, as are tours in the reverse direction. We take about eighteen riders each time and use a route on mostly minor roads that is very scenic but inevitably hilly.

The tour is designed for the more experienced, fitter, cyclo-tourist - it is not for inexperienced riders or beginners. There is no really flat route from Lands End to John O'Groats, expect many hills, some very steep, and although most of the route (probably 95%) is on minor back roads there are some town centres to ride through and short stretches of main road.

Our youngest and oldest successful riders since 2007 have been 13 and 85 (The amazing Alex Menarry). We get quite a few female riders and we get a steady trickle of riders returning to do it for a second or very occasionally, third time (The current record holder is Garry Lee who has done it four times with us). We can accommodate tandems and most years will get one or two turning up. We get slow, steady and fast riders and usually everyone enjoys themselves.

In the last nine years we have a 96% success rate. To train you need to build up to doing an 80 mile hilly day before the tour if you want to enjoy it. The average day is 64 miles and to repeat; it is hilly!

The tour's cost for 2019 is £2195 for nineteen nights in good quality hotels and inns (We no longer use any hostels). as far as we know we are the only organisation using hotels and including the majority of the evening meals and all the breakfasts - and some of our dinners are very good indeed.

2019 Dates:

June Land's End to John O'Groats Fri 31st May - Wed 19th June, 20 days Bookings are now been taken.

Download June Itinerary and leader's notes.†††

You can book online for June at CTC Tours main website www.cyclingholidays.org

September Land's End to John O'Groats Fri 30th August - Wed 18th Sept, 20 days Bookings are now being taken.

Download Sept Itinerary and leader's notes.†††

You can book online fo September at CTC Tours main website www.cyclingholidays.org

2020 LEJoG Dates

xx June 2020

xx Sept 2020

Places can be reserved now on these tours. Please get in touch to check availability if you are interested.

email: chris@2cycle2.co.uk††

phone: 01246 250 647†† mobile: 0796 758 4409

A very fair and detailed blog of this tour Jonathan's LEJoG Blog

Some good photos by Mark Waters (Another CTC Tours Leader, who came along in 2012) Mark's LEJoG Photos

A Canadian's point of view (He discovered that British hills, although small by Canadian standards, present their own unique problems). Journeys with John

And a taster video by Erwan Elias

The Land's End to John O'Groats tours or 'LEJoG' Points to note:

We have run this tour a lot of times - and each time we run it we make improvements

The tour is fully supported with leader, assistant and a van which carries the luggage and accompanies the riders during the day.

We usually take a group of 14-18 persons (We have heard horror stories of larger groups and the problems they have).

The accommodation is mostly good quality hotels and inns.

We include most of the evening meals in the cost as we have found that tour members prefer this to arranging their own meals

We include transport for you and your bike to Inverness and can drop you off at the train station or airport.

The loan of Garmin GPS units is included as tour members have found these to be the easiest way to navigate.

We have a rest day at Stirling before the Scottish Highlands.

CTC Tours are properly insured and bonded, complying with all the regulations regarding holidays in the UK and are members of ABTOT

For people considering the problem of getting to the start and returning from Inverness

It is possible to drop off hire cars from the major hire companies at Penzance railway station, where the van waits to collect luggage from people coming by train. At Inverness hire cars can be picked up near the train station and our coach will drop people off at the pickup point. Cost can be similar to, or cheaper than, train tickets. Cheap flights south are also available from Inverness airport and we drop people there.

People have successfully used Parcelforce to ship their boxed bikes to the first hotel. There is also a bike shipping service from JoG, this is popular though a bit expensive.


email: chris@2cycle2.co.uk†† phone: 01246 250 647†† mobile: 0796 758 4409


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