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CTC Tours and Cycling UK - the national cycling charity

We are volunteers who organise tours for Cycling UK (Which was until recently the CTC - The Cyclist's Touring Club) and specialise in Land's End to John O'Groats although we go to Provence , Thailand and California as well, running several annual tours for CTC Cycling Holidays and Tours Ltd. (or CTC Tours for short), a part of the CTC, who have a calendar of some 60 tours each year, organising tours to encourage people to cycle on their holidays. A feature of the tours is that we try to give better value for money than the purely commercial companies we compete with. In practise this means we often use three or four star hotels and include dinner - where other companies are supplying basic Bed and Breakfast accommodation for the same price.

photo by Ray Foss

CTC Tours started informally in the 1950s and today offers fully bonded cycling holidays (ABTOT and ATOL) to suit a wide range of abilities; see www.ctctours.co.uk These tours are for anyone who is a member of the Cyclist's Touring Club of Great Britain or Cycling UK to give it it's new name. - you can join at www.ctc.org.uk. You do not have to be British to join. The oldest person we've had on a tour was 83, the youngest, 9 years old (He came with his Grandfather). Providing you are of (relatively) sound mind and body and can get travel insurance there is a tour for you.

The Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) was formed in 1878 and today, under the name of Cycling UK, as a registered charity, works for all cyclists protecting cyclists' rights to use the roads, working for improved off-road access and for better public transport links. Members enjoy free third-party insurance cover, legal and technical advice, route and travel information and access to more than 200 local groups and national and regional CTC events. Membership costs under 80p per week, and also includes a free bi-monthly magazine. It is the biggest British cycling club with about 50,000 members

We now have LEJoG dates for 2017/18. See our Land's End to John O'Groats page for details.

Any questions please email: chris@2cycle2.co.uk or phone: 01246 250 647 mobile: 0796 758 4409

Financial protection for your holiday

Our air holidays are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 5613.


Holidays without air content are similarly protected by the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Ltd, of which CTC Tours & Holidays are a member. Our ABTOT number is 5102.

Previous Tours:

Thanks by email and letter from tour members:

Haute Provence: As someone relatively new to cycling I thought the centre and routes were excellent, culminating in the successful ascent and descent of Mount Ventoux!

We thought your (LEJoG) route was wonderful. Eighteen days of high quality cycling!

Haute Provence:I could not have managed without van support, and the holiday would have been a disaster. With your help it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life (Jennifer Worth; author of 'Call the Midwife' now a major series on the BBC. Jennifer came on several CTC tours and was great, if slightly eccentric, company!).

Just to say thanks for the way you organised the tour and looked after us so well.

Thanks for organising a great trip. I found the heat rather hard to handle, so I was very glad NOT to have more cycling. It was a lovely mixture of cycling, beautiful locations, snorkeling and of course, LOTSA SWIMMING! PERFECT!!

Just to say many thanks for an enjoyable but hard graft trip to the Alps. Your attention and cheerfulness to minute detail (e.g. waiting @ road jncs to dispense much needed refreshment etc...) was excellent.

I had a wonderful time with you and the group in Thailand. Thanks so much!

Thanks again for organizing the tour which I really enjoyed, actually not just the cycling but everything else!

Thank you for such an excellent tour, well organised and good fun with all those spectacular rides.

Just to say a big thank you. It was a great tour, really well thought out, and made so much more enjoyable with the vehicle support.

We had loads of sun and even when it rained it was still hot.
It was gorgeous all of the time.
We had loads of great rides and there was loads of choice and we always found a ride we wanted to do.
There was always the white van with white van man and we couldn't shake him off.
We had loads of good food and plenty of coffee/beer/lunch/elevenses/tea stops. The food at the hotel was great.
The hotel was great and the staff were good. I enjoyed trying my basic French on them!
Everyone on the tour was great.

nrshifnall2 (65K)

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